Wednesday, 29 June 2011

'the goal'

At the risk of being boring, i have to note this here.
On September 11, 2010, i published a post here regarding the goal of humankind stating that each individual 'should reach happiness' somehow. Although it has not been long, i disagree with myself as to whether the goal that i have stated was thorough. Is happiness an asset to be achieved, or is it just a feeling, like many others, that shall be experienced while you are on a journey to 'the place', which i alleged  as 'happiness' on my previous post?

Since i disregarded the word 'happiness' as 'the goal of life', we have to come up with a new word and i think i know that. Make a guess and then click here to see my proposal.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

What's wrong with Iraq? - Enjoying the journey

I was talking to one of the secretaries - the one who is Filipino- yesterday morning while she was wearing her make-up at her desk. I told her that I admire her for that she puts on her make-up everyday despite the fact that we all are living/working in Iraq. Then the other secretary - the one who is Iraqi - asked in an enlightening way which made me think that I used to have a brain that I stopped using a little while ago:

- What's wrong with Iraq?

Really. What's wrong with Iraq? Why do I have to be where I want to be to continue living? What if it will take fifteen years to reach where I "want" to be? Most important of all, why do I keep forgetting to enjoy the journey all the time? Then I realized...

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Sex and Fashion Count As Well

While protesting or celebrating, men and women, if there are any, should dress fashionably because world will remember them as typical citizens of their country.

Taking a look at the pictures below will probably explain what i mean better; and how sexist and old-fashioned protesters can be:

Yemen (the Economist)
All of the protesters are men.

Turkey (the Economist)
Again, all of these protesters are men. Middle seem purely happy.

Syria (the Economist)
All people in this gathering are also men. 

Syria (the Economist)
Tired of men?

South Korea (
Nice mix. Fancy colors.

Portugal (the Economist)
Nice shirt !

Libya (the Economist)
All men. Boring. 

Italy (the Economist)
Easy to see some women. 

France (
France seems the best to me.

Britain (the Economist)
Too many women. Colors of a computer game.

Australia (Reuters)
Is this what they call protesting in Australia? Adorable.

One should wear her make-up and put on her/his best shirt before leaving home for a protest or a celebration.