Monday, 25 February 2013

Poorness having only little relation, if any, with salary

I have been working in this remote place in Azerbaijan, for construction of a tourism complex. Although it will serve wealthy Azerbaijanis once opened, there is still some dust and mud around the hotels.

I was talking to the driver the other day about his cherry farm:
GOO: Why don't you bring us some cherry?
D: This is not the season for harvesting.
GOO: &+^%/'+/=!!    (It was winter then)
GOO: Ok, bring in summer.
D: Don't worry, I offer cheery for free every year (for religious reasons).
GOO: But you shall give it to the poor.
D: You are poor as well. Otherwise you would not be working in this place.
GOO: &+^%/'+/=!!

I am grateful to him for reminding me that.